Imagine pressing a "Welcome Home" button as you pull into the driveway - the automatic gates open, pathways, front porch and hallway lights turn on.

Your air-conditioner begins to warm or cool your living room, and your favourite music starts playing throughout the house and you feel the stress of your day diminish.
Want to watch a DVD?  push the "Watch DVD" button, this activates not only your home cinema, but dims your lights ready to watch the movie.
Last of all a "Goodnight" button that turns everything off when you go to bed. Now that's a smart living!


Home Automation

TecSystems is a leader in Automation Audio and Visual design. We have done and do work alongside some of New Zealand’s greatest Architects and Builders, resulting in award winning homes.

Designing a smart home is a lot like designing the home itself. There are so many moving parts you need the expertise and foresight of an architect to get it right. We are the Architects of Automation Audio and Visual design!  

Our first goal is to explore how you want your technology to look and feel. Home automation can seamlessly add wireless control to everyday household tasks, from opening the garage door, turning lights off and on and controlling various appliances throughout your home. It can even lock and unlock your front door. 

Our depth of knowledge and multitude of skills and solutions will help fuel your ideas and imagination.
Designing your home should be exhilarating. The design can exhibit what you want and hide what you don’t.  
Together we will arrive at a solution that excites and enhances the vision you have for your home. 


Commercial Automation

There is no such thing as the 9 to 5 workday anymore. Commercial Buildings need to be as flexible as the Companies that occupy them. That means you need a building that is equally responsive as well as efficient.

TecSystems can ensure that you are in complete control. You can allow locally controlled comfort and security for the occupant while having Eco Efficient procedures built in, which isn't just "Environmentally Friendly" it can also save you money. 
TecSystems have worked on a variety of Commercial buildings we are one of the Tauranga’s leaders in Commercial Automated Solutions.
TecSystems were part of the team that built the first Environmentally Friendly building in Tauranga. 
We are a Platnium Partner for the C-Bus Control System.

For a properly planned system, your best bet is to consult a Custom Installer that has the expertise in Commercial Automation Solutions. We are those experts.

Whatever your need for  Automation, Audio, Visual solutions we are the design team you need to speak with.

Why TecSystems Limited?

TecSystems have registered electricans and audio and visual technicians

 We are continually evolving our thinking and embrace technology and change.

We are a friendly and knowledgeable team who is willing to help.

Nothing is more important to us then client satisfaction.