Home Automation

Home Automation is the ability to control items around the home. Lighting, heating, air conditioning, appliances, security and audio visual all with the simple push of a button.
Home Automation is powerful, attractive and ground breaking. Whether you are at home or not, making adjustments or simply checking the status of your home is now a piece of cake.
TecSystems is one of the Countries leading Installers for Home Automation.
We have worked alongside some New Zealand’s greatest Architects and Builders, resulting in award winning homes.
TecSystems are a Platinum Partner for the  C-Bus Control System.
We have extensive knowledge and proficiency of Home Automation. together we will design a solution that suits your exact needs which in turn will complement your homeeven more.  We design a solution totally custom built to you and your family’s needs. Whatever your need or desire for Home Automation we are the design team you need to speak with.


Home Audio

Home Audio is different for everyone and it really depends on your circumstance and needs.
This can be anything from an iPod dock, to a custom instal of a full surround sound system with ceiling speakers throughout the home. Audio design is a science in its own right.
When it's planned and installed properly, Home Audio works effortlessly and can add tremendous the comfort, atmosphere and ambience of your home.
We will design a solution that will suit your exact needs and enhance the atmosphere you have planned for your home. We are Authorised Agents for some of the World’s most reputable Audio Brands. Cambridge Audio, NAD,  Paradigm, QSCSpeakerCraft, SONOS, Yamaha and many more.

Commercial Solutions

There is no such thing as the 9 to 5 workday anymore. Commercial Buildings need to be as flexible as the Companies that occupy them. That means you need a building that is equally responsive as well as efficient.
TecSystems can ensure that you are in complete control.
You can allow locally controlled comfort and security for the occupant while having Eco Efficient procedures built in, which is’t just "Environmentally Friendly" but will also save you money.
TecSystems were part of the team that built the first Environmentally Friendly building in Tauranga.
We are Platinum Partners for the C-Bus Control System.
TecSystems have worked on a variety of Commercial buildings. We are one of the Tauranga’s leaders in Commercial Automated Solutions.


Automatic Entrances / Gates

TecSystems are Authorised Agents for Ditec Automation
Ditec automatic entrances offer a great deal of benefits. Installed internally and externally to Residential and Commercial buildings.
They allow building entrances to be safely, practically and smartly controlled. Safety and practicality start from the entrance of a building. Ditec ensure long term reliability, style and a sleek smart look.
Ditec suit a myriad of gates and entrances. From the unobtrusive underground actuators which allow the gate to be operated without affecting its style or look, to the more elaborate actuators, which satisfy any requirement and can be used on modern or classical frames.
We have over 15 years’ experience in installing and servicing Ditec in Tauranga. We service all makes and models of Ditec.
For a properly planned system, your best bet is to consult a custom installer that has the expertise of for Automatic entrances / gates. TecSystems are the experts.